About Hailey Otto

Hailey Otto

One of our specialists, Hailey Otto

Hailey Otto is a fully registered psychologist 

with General Registration and she is an Associate Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Hailey has a particular talent for working with children and young people. 

Hailey has a natural intuitive ability to build a strong  connection with children and young people, even the ones that are initially reluctant to attend.

 Hailey completed her studies at Griffith and Bond Universities, after which time she  worked as a Child Safety Officer for more than 6 years before moving to country Victoria to work in the field of paediatric psychology for 4 years. Hailey has relocated back to South East Qld to continue to work in the field she is passionate about.

In her free time, she enjoys travel, and anything equestrian, including show jumping and casual riding.

Hailey would welcome the opportunity to work with you and your family.

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Meet the (furry) team



Otherwise known Mr sociable, Kuli has been with Hailey for 17 years is a very special member of the family. He has the most vibrant and friendly personality you will ever see in a horse. Kuli often will neigh “hello” when people arrive and often come up to the fence for a pat. He is genuinely interested in people and his general attitude to life is “that looks fun, can I join in too?!!” and “what are we doing next?”. Most importantly he offers “you look sad can I give you a hug?” and has been known to just stand with someone and gently nuzzle them if they feel sad. For a horse, he is incredibly smart and intuitive and has even figured out how to untie a horse knot with his tongue and teeth (he never goes far – just eats the grass). He is very expressive and will let it be known if his rugs make him too warm or cold and will neigh at the window if he is feeling hungry. Kuli is the leader of the herd and the others look to him for guidance. His breed is Arabian crossed with Andalusian (Spanish dancing horse). 



Khashmir, or Khash for short, is a multi-championship, award winning horse who came into Hailey’s life when she lived in Mildura, Victoria. Hailey became friends with Khash’s previous owner Joyce and would compete on Khash in local shows. It was here that Hailey and Khash struck up a friendship. Khash had only ever known Joyce, whom she had lived with since she was a foal (baby horse). Hailey was heartbroken to have to leave her behind when she relocated back to Queensland in mid-2017 but was thrilled when Khash joined the family in late 2018. Since then they have continued to compete in Equestrian shows throughout South East Queensland. More important to note than Khash’s competition achievements is her kind and easy-going nature which makes her the perfect fit for equine therapy. Khash is 11 years old and by pure coincidence celebrates her birthday on the same day as Hailey. Khash has an interest in anything food related and often is referred to as the “cookie monster” at dinner time! She loves attention, and loves being brushed. Her breed is a Friesian crossed with Welsh pony. Fun fact: the Friesians are the horses they like to film in the movies due to their glamourous looks.



Buddy is a 10 years old Miniature pony and was hand-picked by Hailey after an extensive search. Growing up on a property about 2 hours west of Bundaberg, he joined the family in mid-2018. Often referred to as being ‘cute as a button!’, he is a very special little pony and loved by all who meet him. Ponies are notorious for being cheeky, but Buddy has a very placid and curious nature. He never bites or kicks, is very gentle and loves to hang out with children (because they’re his size!). During sessions, children often plait his mane or tail, and he loves playing dress up and being led around a little obstacle course.

Cats - "Gyzmo" and "Mystique"



Gyzmo and Mystique (Missy for short) are two fluffy Ragdolls cats who are brother and sister from the same litter, and have been with the family since Christmas 2017. Often like human siblings, they are very different in their personalities. Missy (the lilac coloured girl) is adventurous, brave, and inquisitive, and is always keen to meet new people. When not interacting with clients, she is often out exploring the yard chasing bugs and lizards. Gyzmo (the flame coloured boy) on the other hand, is shyer in nature, but once he trusts someone, he is very affectionate and talkative. Once he gets to know someone, he will often follow them around the clinic or yard, and affectionately meows to let clients know he is there. Both Gyzmo and Missy love to sleep on clients laps when the opportunity arises and look forward to seeing their new friends each week.

(please let me know if you have any allergies to cats prior to the session taking place)


Well that is our team, thanks for reading all about us. We look forward to meeting you!!!