Child Psychology in Eagleby

Equine therapy

A kid receiving equine therapy in Eagleby

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Room based therapy


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Psychometric Assessment


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Equine Therapy



What is Equine Therapy and why horses?

Equine therapy is for learning about yourself, not so about horses / horsemanship.

Horses offer an engaging way for participation in therapy.

As herd animals, they are orientated towards connection and relationship. The development of this relationship and trust can build relational skills and brain body connections that may have been missing or underdeveloped.

All horses are unique with their individual personalities and ways of interacting. They also provide feedback, which can assist us to have awareness of how we interact with others. This provides an opportunity for clients to explore relationship, expression, and boundaries in a safe way. 


Do I need to have experience with horses?

No, you do NOT need to have any experiences with horses prior to participating in an Equine therapy session. Your therapist, Hailey will assist you on the day. Our horses have been specially selected for their kind nature. 


Room based therapy


How we can help

Hailey  works with clients on a range of presenting concerns including anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, grief and  loss, parental separation, trauma and attachment difficulties, bullying, behavioural issues, anger management, selective mutism, ADHD, mild autism, and self harm. 


Art, play and exploration

When children come for sessions, they have the option to play, draw, paint, explore and have fun!! Using this open environment they will feel comfortable to share their thoughts and feelings.

Psychometric Assessment


Hailey can also prepare a full Psychometric assessment on the cognitive, behavioural or adaptive functioning of your child using the most current testing materials.

  Common reasons children are referred for assessment include:

· Poor academic performance, despite your child's best efforts

· Difficulty maintaining attention and concentration. 

· Social difficulties 

· Not meeting developmental milestones anticipated for their age

· A parent's intuition / a feeling (but they can't put their finger on what it is)


Assessment Services

· Cognitive (giftedness, Intellectual Impairment)

· Educational/Learning (Psychoeducational)

· Diagnostic/developmental (e.g. ADHD, Adaptive functioning)


An Assessment includes:

· An initial interview

· A review of any previous reports

· A tailored assessment to answer your referral query

· An assessment report which is provided in a feedback session to answer any questions you may have